Why You Should Shoot Landscapes With a Telephoto Lens

Normally when people think of landscape photography, they think of wide, horizontal shots that capture as much of the scene as possible. And while wide-angle views are certainly worth it, there’s something to be said for taking a different approach to landscape photography by utilizing a telephoto lens. Let’s take a look at a few of the primary reasons why you should shoot landscapes with a long lens.


Telephoto Lenses Compress the Scene

The compression of a telephoto lens is advantageous for landscapes because it brings the background and the foreground together. In other words, with a wide-angle lens, you get the breadth of the landscape but not necessarily the depth - distant features look tiny and don’t play as significant a role in the image as they could. But with a telephoto lens, the background becomes much more prominent and lends itself to creating beautifully deep, dramatic shots.


Abstract Landscapes Become a Possibility

Not all landscapes have to be wide-angle, nor do they even have to have an identifiable subject. The beauty of abstract landscape photography is that you can use a telephoto lens to zero in on minute details of the landscape. Then, it’s up to the viewer to interpret the photo and assign meaning to it. Abstract landscape photography isn’t for everyone, but if you want to create an image that engages viewers and really makes them consider what they’re looking at, abstract is a great choice, especially with a long lens. By eliminating all the extraneous elements in the shot, you can develop your creative eye as well, looking for small vignettes to turn into beautiful abstracts.


Telephoto Lenses Allow to Exclude the Unnecessary

Not every landscape has a gorgeous foreground or an interesting background… And with a telephoto lens, you can easily exclude the things that aren’t quite up to snuff. For instance, if you’re presented with a gorgeous landscape but the sky is devoid of interest, a telephoto lens allows you to frame the sky out of the shot and focus on the interesting details provided in the landscape. Likewise, if the foreground is unappealing, a telephoto lens is exactly what you need to look beyond the foreground and frame up a shot that features the more eye-catching elements in the scene.


Telephoto Lenses Challenge You