Why You Need a 35mm Lens in Your Camera Bag

Many photographers say that the first lens you should buy is a 50mm.

And while there’s a lot of reasons for that, a 35mm lens is also a great option. In fact, it might be an even better choice than a 50mm.

If you’re ready to upgrade your lens, consider these reasons why a 35mm should be high on your list.


35mm Lenses are Supremely Versatile



The 35mm focal length is extremely popular, and for good reason.

You can easily take portraits, photograph landscapes, shoot street photography, and just about anything in between. And the photos you take will have a familiar look to them because 35mm is close to what we see with our own eyes.

Good lenses often cost a pretty penny, too, so that versatility will come in handy if you only have one or two lenses in your camera bag.

Just put your 35mm lens on your camera, head out, and shoot tons of photos knowing that your lens can handle the task!


35mm Lenses are Compact


Another great feature of 35mm lenses is that many of them are small and lightweight.

That being the case, they make excellent options for things like travel photography because you don’t want to be bogged down with tons of heavy camera gear as you move from one location to the next.

It’s also a nice feature to consider for pursuits like street photography. After all, the whole point of street photography is to document candid moments, so working “behind the scenes” unnoticed is of great benefit. You can do that with a 35mm lens.


35mm Lenses are an Ideal Compromise Between Wide-Angle and Standard


Wide-angle lenses, like a 24mm, are great for many things, especially landscapes. That’s because the short focal length captures an abundance of the scene in one shot.

But what wide-angle lenses are typically not good at is portraiture because they tend to distort certain facial features, making the subject’s forehead and nose look abnormally bulbous.

On the other hand, standard lenses like a 50mm are also great for many pursuits, portraits and landscapes among them.