Why Lenses?

Photography literally means to paint with light. Lenses are your camera’s view to the world and therefore your paintbrush. Most photographers are unaware of the plethora of options available to them to get a new perspective and unlock a new creative tool. Post production tools provide tons of options for editing post capture but nothing gives your image the organic look and control than an appropriately chosen lens for your desired look. 

We are now 150 years or more into photographic imaging. Lenses have been manufactured on a large scale for 120 years or more. For the past 70 years we have had truly massive amounts of lenses manufactured with the introduction of interchangeable lens cameras that many could afford since the 1950’s. The pace of lens production increased as the demand grew and now we have millions of lenses that have been manufactured and sold.

Each of these lenses allow us to tell our story and gain the artistic angle we seek. There is a lens for nearly every kind of perspective and application you can imagine. We have lenses for everything from super wide to extreme telephoto and everything in between. There are factors like maximum aperture, coating type, glass type, element shape, iris shape and location, angle of view, perspective control, plane of focus, minimum focus distance, flange depth, focus mechanism, and physical construction just to name a few variables that can make a lens. All of these factors and quantity of manufacturers multiplied by over a century of manufacturing production that have given us millions of choices in buying a lens.