Understanding Camera Flange Depth: Adapt Old Lenses to New Cameras

Camera Flange Distance is a very important subject to understand if you want to adapt older lenses or lenses from one camera brand to another. Why can’t a Nikon F mount lens be adapted to a Canon EF mount camera? Oppositely, why can you adapt a Nikon F mount lens to a Sony Alpha A7RIII? Flange Depth is your answer.

If you already know about Flange Depth or just want a solution to adapting your fungus-filled pre-war Russian “art” lens to your $2,000 shiny new camera, you can jump straight to the business in our Lens Adapter Guide.

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Flange Depth is the distance from the lens mount to the sensor or film plane. You need a lens with more flange depth than your camera to use an adapter. Adapter works if = Lens Flange Depth > Camera Flange Depth. Ok we’re done.

No? Ok well check out this article from Brian Smith that does a really good job of explaining it.