Travel Photography on Your Mind? Get a Telephoto Lens for Your Kit

Travel Photography on Your Mind? Get a Telephoto Lens for Your Kit

Travel photography necessitates having lenses that are supremely versatile. While many travel photographers have prime lenses in their bag (like a 50mm or a 35mm), having zooms are a must-have as well. In particular, a 24-70mm zoom is a great walkaround, do-all lens that will help you get shots of widely varied subjects. But if you’ve got a trip planned, there’s a case to be made for bringing a telephoto lens with you as well.

Sometimes, You Need the Extra Reach of a Telephoto Lens

Not every scene you encounter on your travels will be expansive vistas that are well-suited for capturing in a wide-angle shot. Instead, there will be plenty of occasions when you need the extra reach that a telephoto lens provides. Whether you’re photographing a distant landscape feature or you simply need to get closer to the action at a local sporting event, having a 70-200mm lens in your camera bag allows you to get up close and personal with your subject.

It’s All About the Details

Having a telephoto lens - be that a zoom or a prime - means you can create images that have far more details to excite the viewer’s eye. 

Those smaller details of a larger scene often speak to the character and personality of the location in a way that is far more difficult to do in a wide-angle shot. 

Besides, having a telephoto lens in your camera bag means you can mix it up - take gorgeously wide shots with a wide-angle lens, create a few images with a standard length lens, and then complete the package with detail-rich photos taken with a longer lens.

Get Those Detailed Shots Without Cramping Your Subject’s Style

When you’re traveling, you can’t always get as close to the subject as you’d like. What’s more, sometimes you get better images by hanging back a bit and photographing the subject from afar.

With a telephoto lens, you can do just that.

While a 24-70mm zoom has good reach, with a 70-200mm zoom, you can really be “behind the scenes” and take portraits, street photos, and the like without being obtrusive.

Sure, 70-200mm zooms aren’t exactly the smallest or lightest lenses in the world, but their versatility more than makes up for that fact.

Travel photography is all about experiencing the wonders of the world, and to do that, you need a solid kit of lenses in your bag.

If you don’t already have a 70-200mm lens, consider picking one up and adding it to your kit.