Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm T2.6

Angenieux has a long history of creating some of the finest cinema zoom lenses money can buy. Angenieux lenses are true cinema zooms that are parfocal and therefore hold focus from the widest to the longest telephoto, do not change image size, and have the quality of craftsmanship that can hold up to the rigors of daily use in professional cinematography.


The Optimo 15-40mm T2.6 is the modern premier super35 coverage cinema zoom from Angenieux. It is incredibly compact with an industry standard 114mm outside front diameter and is just 186mm (7.3”) long. The center of gravity of this lens is matched to the 28-76mm T2.6 and 45-120mm T2.6 making for a complete range of focal lengths that can be easily changed without affecting camera rig set ups. It also features a color temperature that is matched to the other focal lengths making it excellent for mixing focal lengths. The 15-40mm is available in PL, EF, or Panavision mounts.


LensFinder has compiled some industry expert verified information on this lens for you to make it easy to find info you need.


Cinematography Mailing List (CML) shot some flare and veiling glare tests which you can see below.



Some notes from the test: Shot with C500's in 2K 12 bit 444 recorded on Odyssey 7's in ProRes 444XQ. Assembled using Resolve in ACES with a standard Canon IDT. With the anamorphic we chopped off the sides of frame to give us a 1920 * 1080 image. Exposure set and matched with exposure meter in incident mode. Lens set to T2.8. Focal lengths were 18mm and 32mm. No other adjustments were made. Lit with KinoFlo LED softlights set to 5600K. No matte boxes or lens hoods of any kind, moves matched with RevolveR MOCo head.


Angenieux has a very nice site with all specs and user manual available on their site.



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