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Pentax is one of the most celebrated vintage camera lens brands. Known particularly for its lens coatings and optical designs, Pentax earned a reputation for images with character and precision. The success of Pentax optics has a left a myriad of fine lenses in multiple format sizes to choose. LensFinder has searched through all the relevant info to be found and collected it all in one place for you here.

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Asahi Optical was the original name of the company which made cameras and lenses form the 1950’s onward. Asahi later assigned the Pentax name to its products in the 1970’s. The company was responsible for some industry leading technology including pioneering work in fisheye and wide angle optics. A list of major innovations Asahi Pentax accumulated over the years is found on the Pentax Lens Wikipedia page.

There have been seven major lens series manufactured under the Pentax name in formats including subminiature 110 film, 35mm, 645, and 6x7. LensFinder has listed all of the lens series below. As we build information pages, you can click on each link to view more detailed information on each series.

Pentax 645

Pentax Q

Pentax 645

Pentax 110

Pentax K

Pentax M42

Pentax 67


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