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The Japanese company Olympus was founded in 1919 under the name K.K. Takachiho Seisakusho (㈱高千穂製作所, meaning Takachiho Works Co., Ltd.) and originally manufactured microscopes and thermometers. It would not be until the mid-1930s that the company would begin its research in camera lenses and the manufacturing of their own product lines.

Fandom has found a great Camerapedia Wiki link to a detailed account of the company’s history, from the launch of their first 4.5x6 folder camera all the way up to their modern line.

Olympus marks most of its lenses with the name Zuiko which translates to “auspicious light” or “blissful light”. Camerapedia has a good amount of info and an excerpt from an original article announcing Zuiko.

Malaysian Internet Resource (MIR) has a complete overview of the Zuiko letter and number system for each lens. The number of elements in the lens is designated in alphabetical order therefore a 4 element design would be “D.Zuiko”. Similarly the letters W, S, or T would designate Wide, Standard, or Telephoto.

Within the Olympus Zuiko branded lenses there have been at least 7 different series of manufactured. The company also made Zuiko lenses for other camera systems like Mamiya and Leica. 

Below each major Olympus lens series is shown. You can view each link which will take you to a separate overview of each product line or series of lenses.

Olympus M.Zuiko (Micro4/3)

Olympus Four Thirds

Olympus OM

Olympus FTL (M42)

Olympus Ace

Olympus PEN F


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