All Minolta Lenses Overview

Konica Minolta has been making cameras and lenses since the late-1950’s. The company had many successful camera models and at one time had sales that rivaled Canon and Nikon. Certain Minolta lens designs are razor sharp with excellent character. Due to the lack of modern models, Minolta lenses remain one of the best values in vintage lenses.

Minolta had three basic lens mounts of which there were variations based on camera features and lens-to-camera communication. LensFinder has searched the web and found the best info in one place for your convenience and knowledge. is a marketplace and knowledge center for shooters of all types to buy, sell, and learn about lenses between each other in a secure experience. LensFinder staff search the web for the finest information and handle each transaction with personal attention. Please visit our Browse section to search for great deals on lenses or list your own glass.

SR Mount