5 Fast Micro 4/3 Zooms

When it comes to Micro 4/3 cameras, one of the biggest challenges starting out is finding the right lens. While prime lenses are great, often we find ourselves with the tough choice of choosing the right focal length. This decision is made more complicated by needing to compensate for the 2x crop of the Micro 4/3 sensor.

That’s where zooms come in. A zoom lens can cover a wide range of focal lengths, taking the place of multiple primes and offering a photographer several options of capturing an image from the same vantage point without having to do a lens change. Not only is this extremely useful for a run-and-gun style of shooting, but also anyone looking to consolidate the amount of gear they carry.

Unfortunately, in the word of zoom lenses aperture is often compromised in favor of the variable focal length. However, for those of you not looking to settle when it comes to the speed of your zooms, we’ve put together a list of five fast zoom lenses for Micro 4/3 cameras.

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