Zeiss Duclos Cine-Mod Prime Set 15, 21, 28, 35, 50, 85mm

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Zeiss Duclos Cine-Mod Prime Set 15, 21, 28, 35, 50, 85mm
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Zeiss Duclos Cine-Mod lens set in excellent condition. These lenses have been my go-to lenses for several years and never failed to give fantastic results from RED Dragons to Sony a7s II to Canon C500's.

Purchased new from Duclos, they have been cared for and are in very nice condition.

I don't shoot as much as I used to so I'm selling most of my gear prior to a move and these gems are ready to find a new home.

The Zeiss Classic primes offer manual focus in an anodized aluminum body. The ZF.2 (Nikon F) mount version features a manual aperture.

15mm, 21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

Duclos Cine-Mod:
What Is The Cine-Mod®?
Short for Cinema Modification, Cine-Mod is a process developed by Duclos Lenses that improves still photo lenses in several ways, making them more usable for motion picture applications. Consisting of three primary parts; a seamless 32-pitch (0.8 module) focus gear, a standardized front ring, and a de-clicked, damped aperture movement.

1. Focus Gear
Seamless 32-pitch (0,8 module) focus gears are precision machined from solid Black Delrin®, tailored to each lens individually in-house to ensure a no-slip, non-binding reliable fit. Every gear is machined and installed by a skilled technician on an individual basis to ensure a lifetime of accurate operation. No zips, clips, or 3D prints from Duclos Lenses!

2. Front Ring
Front rings thread directly into the existing filter threads of your lens and provide a common 80mm outside diameter surface for clamp-on accessories as well as a 77mm filter thread on each ring. Precision machined from billet 6061 aluminum and anodized black for a durable finish. Available sizes range from a mere 47mm all the way up to an 82mm Step-Down ring.

3. Front Cap
Designed specifically for the 80mm Front Rings, the 80mm Front Caps are made from a durable, protective thermoplastic polymer. Not only do they keep dust and debris away from your precious glass, but they're also engineered to absorb impact and keep your lenses as safe as possible.

4. De-Click
Aperture de-clicking is a vital part of the Cine-Mod. A true cinema lens features a step-less aperture that allows fine adjustment without "clicking" between f-stops. Duclos Lenses modifies the aperture movement by removing the "click" mechanism and damping the movement to create a consistent, creamy rotation. We use a high-quality lubricant to ensure a professional feel and operation of your lens.

Converting the ZF.2 primes from Nikon F to Canon EF allows the all manual operation of the ZF.2 lenses to be used on a wide range of cameras.

This is a lens set consisting of the following lenses:
Focal Length Max Aperture Manufacturer
15.0 2.8 Zeiss
21.0 2.8 Zeiss 28.0 2.0 Zeiss 35.0 2.0 Zeiss 50.0 2.0 Zeiss 85.0 1.4 Zeiss

Manufacturer Zeiss
Mount Type Canon EF

This lens package also includes the following filters:

95mm UV
95mm ND .3
95mm ND .6
95mm Pola
77mm Variable ND
77mm ND .3
77mm ND .6
77mm ND .9
77mm ND 1.2
77mm Pola
77mm UV
2x Filter Pouches
Duclos Custom Lens Case

Original Purchase Price of $10, 500 for the lenses, case, and filters. The price offered here represents a substantial saving compared to new.


  • Mount Type Canon EF
  • F-number 1.4
  • Filter Size 77.0 mm
  • Focal length 15.0 mm
  • Manufacturer Zeiss

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