Zeiss Contax Lens Set (4) modded EF primes

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Zeiss Contax Lens Set (4) modded EF primes
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Individually sourced set of lenses by http://rplens.com in 2018. By far the cleanest set of vintage primes I've worked with or owned. I hate to let them go, but it's time. 25mm has a small inclusion that I am investigating. It does not affect the image on a S35 sensor. Have not tested full-frame.

The price has been dropped!

-EF Mount
-77mm front thread (25, 50, 85 only)
-.8 gears added.
-Laser-cut case
-Very clean and free of damage

Focal lengths:
16mm F-Distagon 5863489 AEG
25mm Distagon 6118906 AEG
50mm Planar 5940462 AEJ
85mm Planar 6813957 AEG

**Highlights from Zeiss Survival Guide on RedUser: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?92044-Contax-Zeiss-Survival-Guide&p=1491766&viewfull=1#post1491766

**50 1.4
**85 1.4
"These are the Contax creme de-la-creme. And not surprisingly, these are the ones that still exist in the ZF/ZE lineup (except the 100), with only very modest changes to their optical designs."

"The 1.4 “Supers” are superb, have lots of character, and will add incredible value to your shoots. The 85 1.4 has almost NO DISCERNIBLE distortion, and I believe this is the pixie dust that makes it a remarkable portrait lens. Of course the older, less contrasty T* coatings are very forgiving on faces, which only adds to the appeal. The 35 1.4 has fantastically creamy bokeh WO, and has mind-boggelingly close-focusing magic. The 50 1.4 is razar, razor sharp stopped down."

"The 100 f2 has a legendary reputation in the Contax world because it’s unique. It was never carried over to ZF/ZE, you can only find this design in Contax, and it has a singular magic and charm that given it a cult following. It’s revered both as a portrait and landscape lens. What I can tell you for a fact is like the 85 1.4, it has almost ZERO distortion, which again I think adds to it’s “magic”. The 85 and 100 planars stand out in the Contax world for their remarkable distortion free imagery."

THE CONTAX “Curious George’s”
**25 2.8
"The 25 is a venerable Zeiss design, which is why it has “magic”, and why it suffers. My older AE design is tack sharp wide open in the center, but falls apart at the edges. You may not see the edge fall of on S35, but you may start to on Dragon. The fall-off may just give it “character”. My AE flares magically. Stopped down, this lens is razor sharp from edge to edge. Don’t let anyone fool you. Stopped down this lens is no joke, regardless of what you’ve heard."

**16 2.8 Fisheye ($7,550 new , $1,800 today/used)
"This Distagon maybe one of the best fisheyes in the world. One of the sharpest Contax primes ever made, its design is uncompromising (hence it's shocking price when NEW). Built like a tank, its protruding element nevertheless makes it vulnerable to scratches and scuffs. Hard to get a great copy. Rare and exotic. Like all fisheyes, renders the world in unique way. However when shot "flat", this one betrays very little distortion (only adding to its allure)."

Feel free to email me with questions at [email protected]


  • Decade 1990s
  • Mount Type Canon EF
  • F-number 22.0
  • Filter Size 77.0 mm
  • Manufacture Location Germany
  • Manufacturer Zeiss
  • Filter Mount Type Front Mount Threads

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