Tiffen 4x5.65" Ultra Contrast 3 Filter Panavision Size 45650UC3

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Tiffen 4x5.65" Ultra Contrast 3 Filter Panavision Size 45650UC3


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Tiffen Professional Ultra Contrast 3 Filter

Listing & for sale is 1 used filter in good condition with pouch. 4"x5.650". Money back Guarantee

Item Number: 45650UC3
Price: $433.00
Filter Format: Larger Format
Color: UC3

Product Highlights

Uses Ambient Light to Open Shadows
Lightens Shadows to Capture More Detail
Lowers Contrast Evenly Throughout
Geneates No Flare or Halation
ColorCore Glass
Made in the USA

The 4 x 5.65" Ultra Contrast 3 Filter from Tiffen helps to open your shadows by using the ambient light surrounding the image area as well as the light in the actual image itself. It lowers contrast uniformly throughout, with little or no loss of sharpness within the scene, even where there are varying degrees of brightness.

Shadow areas will reveal more detail but without any flare or halation from direct light sources or bright reflections. The Ultra Contrast works similar to a Tiffen Low Contrast filter with the difference being that it reduces contrast throughout the entire image whereas a Low Contrast filter will only open the shadows.

The 3 Ultra Contrast filter continues the process of opening your shadows while the image still remains sharp. Contrast continues to be evenly lowered but since shadow detail is now increasing you also begin to see more of the image.

Tiffen's ColorCore glass is produced through a process that entails permanently laminating the filter material in between two pieces of optical glass that are ground flat to tolerances of a ten-thousandth of an inch, then mounting them in precision aluminum rings.

Bright lights or sunlight create problems when the ratio between the highlight and shadow areas is beyond the latitude of the film; if you expose for the highlights, the shadows appear without detail; if you expose for the shadows, the result is washed-out, overly bright highlights
Contrast reduction is achieved by lightening shadows without overexposing or darkening or by darkening highlights without darkening shadows further
Even direct shooting into the sun produces no flare or halation
Tiffen's ColorCore glass is sealed between two optical glass sheets. In this way, Tiffen can better control the various densities of their filters and thereby create more exact degrees of filtration. This process makes for greater accuracy of color as opposed to glass that is simply dyed and become subject to deviation during the dye process

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  • Manufacturer Tiffen
  • Material Glass
  • Shape 2x2
  • Type ND 0.15

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