Tiffen 3x3" 82C Cyan Color Conversion Glass Filter

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Tiffen 3x3" 82C Cyan Color Conversion Glass Filter


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Tiffen 3 x 3" 82C Color Conversion Filter

Listing is for 1 used filter in good condition.

Made in U.S.A

Item Number: 3382C
List Price: $115.00
UPC: 049383006117
Filter Format: Larger Format
Color: 82C

Product Highlights
Absorbs Yellow-Reds
Cooler Than an 82B
High Quality ColorCore Glass
Made in the USA

A Tiffen 3 x 3" 82C Series Color Conversion Filter is a light balancing filter used to increase the color temperature slightly for a cooler tone. This blue filter absorbs the excessive yellow-red light from daylight in the morning.

There is much flattering light to be found in the early morning and afternoon hours. With sunlight low on the horizon, the red-orange end of the spectrum becomes enhanced. With daylight balanced film, images shot in this light may prove to be a bit on the warm side. The photographer may desire this effect or choose to "cool" things down.

An 82C will virutally eliminate red tones. This filter will also help color balance tungsten film when shot under 500w flood lights. The 82 series of blue filters allows the photographer to keep skin tones somewhat normal by increasing the color temperature to a more daylight balanced level.

Tiffen makes the 82 series of filters in many sizes to accommodate the many uses this filter has. This filter can be used by the pro and amateur alike, weekend photo warrior or pro cinematographer and must be considered an essential addition to any photo arsenal.

Tiffen, a leader in the filter industry, proudly makes its filters in the USA and backs up its products with a solid 10-year warranty.

Note! Whereas the 81 Series of filters creates a feeling of warmth, the 82 Series creates a feeling of coolness

Maintains natural flesh tones; Prevents reddish cast
Can create a mood of coolness
82 Series Conversion Chart
82A Increases temperature from 3,000 to 3,200 Kelvin (1/3 stop)
82B Increases temperature from 2,900 to 3,060 Kelvin (2/3 stop)
82C Increases temperature from 2,800 to 3,200 Kelvin (2/3 stop)

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  • Manufacturer Tiffen
  • Material Glass
  • Shape 2x2
  • Type ND 0.15

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