Schneider Optics 5x5" Linear True Polarizing Filter 68-013059

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Schneider Optics 5x5" Linear True Polarizing Filter 68-013059


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Schneider 5x5" Water White Linear True-Polarizing Glass Filter

Listing & for sale is 1 used filter in excellent condition with pouch.

Made in U.S.A. List price is $395.00.

This is by far the most effective polarizer for motion picture and television cameras. Having an extinction ratio of ER 374, the Schneider True-Pol is 12- times more effective than other polarizing filters, and is unmatched in its ability to:

Reduce glare and unwanted reflections
Saturate colors
Deepen blue skies
Improve contrast
Penetrate haze
True-Pol Polarizing filters enable you to achieve a level of optical performance previously unavailable to cinematographers.

The Schneider Optics True-Pol is ideal for cameras such as the RED camera and other 4K cameras.

What is the difference between a Linear and a Circular Polarizer?
A Circular Polarizer is a Linear Polarizer with a 1/ 4 wave plate retarder added to the back of the polarizer foil. Circular Polarizers are necessary when using any camera that has a beam splitter which is used for internal light meter reading or a video tap. The beam splitter polarizes light and depending upon the position of the polarizer, you may cause double polarization and therefore result in inaccurate meter readings, in the case of a video tap a black out. Circular Polarizers are also necessary for auto focus cameras.

TIP: In any case in which linear polarizing filters suffice, circular polarizing filters can also be used, but not the other way around.

Circular is the best for all situations and worth the extra cost in our opinion.

All Schneider filters are constructed from solid optical glass (i.e. - Schott glass) with the filter material melted in the glass itself and hence are built for life. The edges of the filters are rounded off and smoother to the touch. They are simply better designed filters. Says a leading DoP of Hollywood "I have many of them and am completely satisfied. Can't say that about other brands I have tried. Buy right, cry once".

"When shooting a multi-camera series you are consistently cutting back and forth between cameras. I never worry about matching because I always have Schneider filters on each lens."

Don A. Moran, ASC

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