Schneider Compact ND Filter Kit for 114mm-Diameter Lenses (CP2) 3 Filters 4.5"

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Schneider Compact ND Filter Kit for 114mm-Diameter Lenses (CP2) 3 Filters 4.5"


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Filter kit is brand new. List Price is $925.00

This is an Neutral Density Filter Kit with Low Profile Clamp-On-Locking-Ring adapter, designed to mount 4 1/2 inch filters included in the kit on a camera lens with a front diameter of 114mm such as the Zeiss CP.2 and Canon Cinema EOS Primes. Great for filtering lenses with no front threads and situations where a regular matte box would cause too much wind drag. Custom Shade also available.

This kit includes three Neutral Density Filters used for Cinematography. It has a Neutral Density of 0.6 (2 stops), Neutral Density 0.9 (3 stops), and Neutral Density 1.2 (4 stops) and therefore reduces light transmission into the lens. A common use for these filters is to allow the use of larger apertures, reducing depth of field, to allow selective focus and rack focus.

*Note: The lever must be in the un-clamped (up) position prior to un-threading retaining ring.

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  • Manufacturer Schneider
  • Material Glass
  • Type ND 1.2
  • Adapter 114mm to 4.5"

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