Rehoused LOMO Super Speed Lens Set

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Rehoused LOMO Super Speed Lens Set


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For sale is a newly rehoused set of rare, vintage LOMO Super Speed primes. These are Russian cinema lenses from the 1980s (NOT still photo lenses), designed for Super 35mm format. In a world where modern lenses are all starting to look the same, these have a look that is truly unique. They are rare (especially the 22mm) and they are getting harder and harder to find, especially in good condition.

These were rehoused by GL Optics. These are GL's newest MKIV housings. Anyone who has had a chance to test out GL's latest housings, knows they are an improvement in every way over older GL housings. I have two sets of these lenses (both GL). One set has been shooting non-stop for a year, and I have only had to service one lens in that time, and it was a minor service. They are reliable, small, light-weight, and have 95mm fronts. Focus and iris gears are in the same position from lens to lens. GL also greatly improved close focus on every lens, so diopters are rarely needed with these.
It breaks my heart to sell these lenses. The only reason I am selling is because I have 2 sets. I need to sell these because the industry is shut down right now, and I have bills to pay. My loss is your gain.

I am basing my asking price on the cost to acquire each lens, and the cost to rehouse them. I am not greedy. I just want to make back what I put in. There are only a few sets of rehoused LOMO super speeds in the world. For an owner/operator you will have a reliable set of lenses, that will give your projects a unique look and help them stand out from the pack. For a rental house, you will have a set of lenses that few other rental houses can offer.

22mm T1.5
28mm T1.3
35mm T1.5
50mm T1.3
75mm T1.5
100mm T2.1

$53,000 or BEST OFFER


  • Decade 1980s
  • Mount Type ARRI PL
  • F-number 1.5
  • Filter Size 95.0 mm
  • Focal length 22.0 mm
  • Format 35mm
  • Manufacture Location Russia
  • Manufacturer LOMO
  • Filter Mount Type Clamp-on Only

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