P. Angenieux 18.5 f2.2 Retrofocus Type R2 SN304866 1954 Vintage Cinema Lens

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P. Angenieux 18.5 f2.2 Retrofocus Type R2 SN304866 1954 Vintage Cinema Lens
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1954 P. Angenieux Paris F.18.5 1:2.2 Retrofocus Type R2 N # 304866. All elements are clean with minimal signs of use. No scratches, fungus, separation or haze. Lens just returned from a full overhaul, total teardown, re cemented interior element groups, iris cleaned with a complete service and collimation. Front and rear elements are scratch free. Focus and iris action is smooth and ready for shooting. To shoot, this lens will need to be adapted to a modern camera mount.
I do not get these often, let alone in this amazing condition. These wide angle lenses from the 1950’s are rare and often found in very used / abused condition. Look around..
I took these pictures with my personal 18.5mm Angenieux at 5.6 on my Sony A7r2 – APSC crop.
This is an excellent example for re housing. These lenses are in high demand when re housed and with a PL / or Panavision mount.
Film or digital, stills or video, this is a hidden gem that has stood up to the test of time. Sharp focus, stunning bokeh with fantastic color rendition.
Here is Orsen Wells proclaiming his passion for this lens: https://www.fdtimes.com/2016/07/03/film-is-like-a-colony/
Here is the opening shot of Universal’s “Touch of Evil” that was shot with the 18.5mm Angenieux prime lens.
This lens is located in Hollywood,Ca.


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