Nikon 6mm f5.6 220º Fisheye Nikkor

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Nikon 6mm f5.6 220º Fisheye Nikkor


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This is one of the rarest and most sought after lenses in the world. The 6mm Nikkor is the widest 35mm lens ever designed with a 220º angle of view it actually sees behind it's self. Originally developed for arctic sky surveys the lens was hand made by
Nikon (Nippon Kogaku) for these special applications. Although there were 300 of the big brother 6mm f2.8 made there are estimated to be 100 or less of the f5.6 version making this possibly the rarest series production Nikkor ever.

Ok on to this lens, the body of this lens in very good shape, the filters all rotate and engage properly and the aperture is precise. However there are some issues to be noted about the optics. There is some remnants of fungus on the internal elements of this lens as well as some other small imperfection (visible at 6:00 in the first photo). The good news is I had this lens evaluated by Duclos Lenses, a premier optical house for Hollywood cinema lenses and they said they couldn't detect any effect on the image from these imperfections. This lens has a protruding rear element but should still mount on most full frame Nikon DSLRs with the mirror pushed up and should mount on most mirrorless camera with adapters, provided it clears the internals. I have only tried this on the Sony A7rII so mounting on any other camera will be at your own risk. It's also important to understand that this lens is fixed focus from a few feet to infinity. There are some mirrorless adapters (not included) that can allow for closer macro focus.

What's included in the sale:
6mm Nikkor lens
Metal front cap
Plastic rear cap
Pelican case with fitted foam

I will only ship this lens insured, buyer agrees this is an AS IS sale.


  • Mount Type Nikon F
  • F-number 5.6
  • Focal length 6.0 mm
  • Format FF35
  • Manufacture Location Japan
  • Manufacturer Nikon

All sales are final, returns only accepted if item is exceptionally different than description and/or photographs.

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