New Schneider Orange 12x15" Photo Clear Lens Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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New Schneider Orange 12x15" Photo Clear Lens Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


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Brand New

The Schneider Optics Photo-Clear Lens Microfiber Cleaning Cloth has been made using a laboratory designed and tested poly/nylon microfiber woven into a thick, durable fabric that, when used in conjunction with the Photo-Clear Lens Treatment Fluid, helps in cleaning the lens without damaging it. The cloth is 12 x 15" in size and comes with a protective plastic envelope.

Although smooth to the touch (and to the glass), the cloth actually has a microscopic texture designed to cut through dirt and residue while lifting oil and moisture away from the surface via capillary action. The cloth performs like new with no deterioration of the fibers for a long time.

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