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New Schneider/Century S2000 Century Canon 17mm T4 Tilt Lens PL Mount 0S2-TF17-AL

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New Schneider/Century S2000 Century Canon 17mm T4 Tilt Lens PL Mount 0S2-TF17-AL

S2000 CANON 17MM T4 PL,TILT Listing & For Sale is 1 New Lens. List Price is $7,500.00 Stock Code: 0S2-TF17-AL Availability: In Stock By tilting the lens, the operator effectively tilts the plane of focus, bringing more of the subject into focus or, conversely, excluding unwanted objects. Tilting the lens down, for example, can align the plane of focus with a horizontal subject -- a field of wild flowers or plates of food on a table -- achieving extreme depth of field without stopping down. Century's Tilt-Focus Lenses also provide an ideal way to isolate the subject from its surroundings. By rotating the lens 45° and tilting it right or left, for instance, the cinematographer can focus on one member of a crowd, even if others in the frame are the same distance from the lens. Feedback is very important to us. We would appreciate if you would leave it for us once you have received your item. It lets us know you have received your item and are happy with your purchase. We request that you attempt to resolve a problem by first contacting us before leaving feedback as problems tend to be a straightforward case of miss-communication. California residents will have to pay 9.5% for sales tax.


Mount Type ARRI PL
F-number 4.0
Focal length 17.0 mm
Manufacturer Schneider

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