New Schneider 4x5.65" Platinum IRND1.8 Filter (6-stop) 68-061856

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New Schneider 4x5.65" Platinum IRND1.8 Filter (6-stop) 68-061856


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Brand New Filter in a box with pouch. List Price is $395.00

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Schneider’s new Platinum Series IRND filters limit the light striking the camera’s CCD or CMOS imager to the visible spectrum. By carefully calculating the cutoff frequency in nanometers, we have been able to produce a near-infrared cut filter that lets users of high definition cameras get the most out of their camera gear. This means the benefit of an extended color gamut without the worry of unwanted false colors. Eliminating the near-infrared light leakage lets the camera maintain true color rendition in the blacks while maintaining high MTF of its lenses and camera system.


  • Manufacturer Schneider
  • Material Glass
  • Shape 4x5.65
  • Type 15

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