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Lomo OKC-1 PL Prime Lens Set - 22,28,50,75,100,150

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Condition: Good

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Lomo OKC-1 PL Prime Lens Set - 22,28,50,75,100,150

Ultra-rare Vintage OKC1 Matched Lomo Prime PL Set. The 22mm vignettes a little bit in 8K WS, but all other glass free/clear! Lomo OKC 1-22-1 F3.1 Lom OKC 1-28-1 F2.5 Lomo OKC 1-50-1 F2 Lomo OKC 1-75-1 F2 Lomo OKC 1-100-1 F2 Lomo OKC 1-150-1 F2.8 Also including a C7 Stainless Steel Alexa Mini PL Mount along with the lens case in the pict! All lenses have cinema gears too. Here is some content shot on these lenses: Sonora - Weather Talk - This is Love - Obviously, given it's vintage glass, some of the focus rings are a tad stiff (75mm and 100mm specifically), but never had an issue with any WFF calibrations. But overall, in excellent condition physical and optical condition and is an extremely rare and matched set.

This is a lens set consisting of the following lenses:

Focal Length Max Aperture Manufacturer
28.0 2.5 LOMO
50.0 2.2 LOMO
75.0 2.2 LOMO
100.0 2.2 LOMO
150.0 2.8 LOMO
22.0 3.1 LOMO


Mount Type ARRI PL
F-number 2.2
Focal length 50.0 mm
Manufacturer LOMO

Lens Features

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