LOMO lenses OCT in one set.

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LOMO lenses OCT in one set.


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Hello! I decided to arrange a Garage sale of lens blocks and LOMO lenses. :-))
The reason is that they are lying around and covered with dust!)
Everything is sold in one lot (5 lens blocks - and lenses) and at one price! :-)
What's in the sales package:
1. Lensoblok Lomo OKS 3-22-1 / t2 in excellent condition, like new. 1985 release.
2. Lens block Lomo OKS 2-35-1 /2.8 in excellent condition, like new. 1987 year of release.
3. Lenzoblok Lomo (GOMZ) Zh-25 100 / T2, analog of OKS 1-100-1 / T2! It was produced under the name Zh-25 until 1960, after 1960 it was renamed (rebranding) into OKS1-100-1 .. A very rare specimen!
4. LOMO OKS 4-28-1 / T2 OСT-18 lens. Condition: there are traces of use, abrasions on the case. The front lens is in good order, there are traces of cleaning on the rear lens.
5. Lens TAIR-3 300 / 4.5 is a long-focus lens. The condition is very good. Fastening OСT -19.

Delivery is carried out by courier mail EMC.
Thanks to all! Email me if you are interested.
Good to all! :-)


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