LOMO 50-500mm T4.5/6.7 OPF7-1A anamorphic zoom lens, arri PL mount. NEAR MINT

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LOMO 50-500mm T4.5/6.7 OPF7-1A anamorphic zoom lens, arri PL mount. NEAR MINT
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Lomo 50-500mm zoom lens T4.5/6.7 (f3.5) in Arri-PL/universal mount. Compatible with 35mm movie cameras, or modern digital cinema equivalent with S35mm sensor. Focus scale engraved in metres. The rear anamorphic element is a Lomo capsule (2X squeeze factor). The lens could also be used for normal spherical shooting, with the rear anamorphic capsule removed, and a standard PL back fitted. (NB: this should only be done by a qualified lens technician, as the adjustment needs to be very precise).

Many classic Russian & East European movies were shot on this type of lens. The Lomo factory produced not only high quality optics for the state cinema industry, but also for the Soviet space and astronomy programmes.

Excellent condition, owned by a professional cinematographer in recent years & used on personal projects only - so has had relatively light use, compared to rental company stock. Cosmetically immaculate, almost "as new". Mechanical functions all working correctly focus action currently quite stiff at very close-distance (would benefit from a service, most likely grease needs renewal on focus threads or runners). Glass elements have no scratches or any trace of fungus, the iris blades are oil-free. Some small dust particles are visible between internal elements, these should not have any visible effect on photographed images but can easily be cleared if the lens receives a standard service. The lens coating is slightly warm compared to modern lenses, perhaps as a result of aging (similar to some vintage Cooke Speed Panchro series).

Tested on a collimator & projector prior to listing, and it appears that the lens would benefit from some adjustment by a qualified lens technician. The need for servicing is reflected in the low sale price.

The package also includes an integrated lens support column, which will fit a standard arri LS9 lens support or equivalent for 19mm bars at standard spacing. Also a Lomo diopter suitable for this lens, for close-up photography.

The lens is housed in a fitted aluminium flight case, ready for shipping.

It's worth noting that many leading cinematographers have recently been seeking out a variety of classic & vintage lenses, to use in combination with the latest generation of ultra hi-definition digital cinema cameras. This is because the slightly older optics can give a softer & more organic look to the images, offer more exotic flares, and are often considered more flattering for actors.

Technical specifications below:

Focal Length: 50-500mm (25-250mm without rear adaptor)
Speed: T6.7 (T4.5 without rear adaptor)
Close Focus: 1.7m
Image circle: Please bear in mind that this lens was originally designed to safely cover the standard 35mm 4-perf film negative area (28mm diagonal).

Note: Being a used item, the lens will be sold without guarantee.
Photos displayed in this listing have had identifying labels digitally obscured.

SHIPPING: cost is not included in the sale price, to be discussed with buyer on completion of the sale.


  • Decade 1980s
  • Mount Type ARRI PL
  • F-number 6.7
  • Focal length - wide 50.0 mm
  • Focal length - tele 500.0 mm
  • Format 35mm
  • Manufacture Location Russia
  • Manufacturer LOMO

VAT registered for UK & EU sales.

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