Lomo 28mm with RAF camera Adaptor from Oct 18 to PL OKC 4-28-1

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Lomo 28mm with RAF camera Adaptor from Oct 18 to PL OKC 4-28-1


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The lens is clean with no fungus and no significant scratches to the glass (there are a few slight cleaning marks), there will be a small amount of internal dust as is common with any lens of this age, but nothing significant, and nothing that has shown up in use.

The lens is already fitted with an RAF Camera OCT18 to PL Adaptor, so it's ready mount on any PL mount camera (or any mirrorless camera with a PL Adaptor).

The lens covers Super35 / APS-C sensor area and gives the classic Lomo look, it flares nicely.

The aperture is NOT de-clicked, I was intending to get this done by a lens technician but changed my plans and so this lens is no longer required. As with any lens of this age I would recommend having it serviced before production use, but it is in excellent clean condition and a really nice example of it's type.

There is a post factory ring fitted to the front of the lens with 3 small screws, and a snap-on front lens cap. A high quality rear PL cap is also supplied as shown.

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