Like New Rokinon Xeen EF Set 16mm, 20mm, 135mm

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Like New Rokinon Xeen EF Set 16mm, 20mm, 135mm
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The Rokinon Xeens are an affordable set of cinema glass with a unique look that compete with lenses many times the cost. The build quality is stellar, the mechanics are smooth as butter, they're sharp across the frame, fast, barely breathe, have little distortion and render colors beautifully. They really are fantastic and amazing when you consider the price! Don't believe us - check out major Hollywood cinematographer Shane Hurlbut's review of them - Go to thehurlblog dot com and go to lens tests.

We are selling the following lenses to complete your existing set or get you started:

16mm T2.6 EF - Like new
20mm T1.9 - Like New
135mm T2.2 - Excellent Condition - one or two VERY minor paint scratches (shown in photos). One scuff on the lip of the lens barrel just above the "135." The other is just inside the lip of the barrel - so minor it will probably take you a few attempts to find it. Optics are perfect. Recently serviced by Duclos Lenses.

All lenses are still under warranty (warranty from new is 3 years!). All lens caps provided in addition to a Rokinon Quality Assurance Certificate for each lens.

These lenses sell new for $2,495 each, so you're getting a fantastic deal!!! Please buy with confidence and let us know if you have any questions.

Please note that the lenses do not come with original packaging.


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