Kenko Nyumon Wide Angle Slim Ring 72mm UV MC (MC) Filter - 227249

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Kenko Nyumon Wide Angle Slim Ring 72mm UV MC (MC) Filter - 227249


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The Best-Selling Filter Brand in Japan!

Kenko Nyumon filters are a new filter series from the world's largest photographic optical accessory manufacturer, Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd, since 1957.

Nyumon 入門, the Japanese word for "apprentice" represents the ancient Japanese apprentice style of learning an art form from a master. Every apprentice needs their own tools.

As photo and video enthusiasts, we take pride in our craft, and the equipment we use to achieve our vision. Nyumon filters offer an unrivaled value in both quality and performance. So as your skills in the art of Photography grow, your Nyumon filters will continue to impress and work for you.

The choice is clear, quality Japanese filters since 1957, now your greatest tool.


  • Manufacturer Kenko
  • Material Glass
  • Shape 72mm
  • Type 0

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