Iscorama Anamorphic

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Iscorama Anamorphic


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1.5 x anamorphic front element from Isco Göttingen, Germany, sitting on a 50mm Nikon taking lens that was specifically made for the anamorphic adapter. This is single focus of course. Both parts can be unscrewed and separated easily, but they belong together. There is still a self-made focus gear ring on the lens that can be easily removed. The lens covers full frame 35mm and makes good pictures on the Nikon D800 or D7000 series cameras. It has strong corner softness on 35mm, but is very sharp in the center. Lens was produced in the late sixties, probably 68. It will be hard to find this lens in as good a condition as is mine, hence the steep price tag. It's basically in perfect condition apart from insignificant scratches on the outside. No visible scratches on the glass of course. I am the second owner of this lens. Previous owner was a photographer who hardly ever used it. Very little dust inside. Min. aperture is F16. This lens has no coatings. It flares horizontally, but not excessively at all, in orange color tones. The lens is extremely light-weight for an anamorphic or any lens for that matter (should be around 500g). It produces lovely oval bokeh, five-cornered reflections if stopped down, has the most beautiful contrast and dimensionality, and is an overall beautiful. Focus is very smooth and can be used with a motor no problem. Close focus without diopters on this lens is about 2 meters. Please get in touch with me before you buy. I also have two high-quality diopters that I can include at an additional cost for close focus. This ships from Switzerland!


  • Decade 1960s
  • Mount Type Nikon F
  • F-number 2.8
  • Filter Size 72.0 mm
  • Focal length 50.0 mm
  • Format 35mm
  • Manufacture Location Germany
  • Manufacturer Isco
  • Filter Mount Type Front Mount Threads

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