COOKE 50-500mm anamorphic zoom lens T5.6 (arri PL mount) for 35mm movie cameras

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COOKE 50-500mm anamorphic zoom lens T5.6 (arri PL mount) for 35mm movie cameras


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About Item

Cooke 10:1 anamorphic zoom lens in excellent used condition. Focus scale is in feet.

This package consists of a standard Cooke Varotal MkII 25-250mm zoom lens T3.9 (universal mount), fitted with a rear anamorphic adaptor (Lomo type, 2X squeeze, terminating in Arri PL mount) plus an integrated lens support which will match standard professional cine accessories (e.g. arri LS-9 fitted to standard-spaced 19mm bars).

Glass elements are free from scratches, there may be some extremely light cleaning marks. No signs of fungus, possibly some tiny internal dust particles that will not affect photographic images. Iris blades free from oil. All mechanical functions (zoom, focus, iris) very good for a lens of this vintage. Standard cosmetic wear to the lens barrel, as to be expected from regular professional use.

The lens is housed in a fitted aluminium flight case, ready for shipping (as seen in photos). The rear anamorphic capsule was originally fitted by a reputable lens technician in Joe Dunton Cameras in London, then regularly maintained by Arri Rental UK. Owned by a professional cinematographer since then, this lens has consequently had relatively light & careful use in recent years, compared to rental items. Recently tested on a collimator, lens projector & camera body for back focus & correct optical alignment.

Also included is a standard Universal mount to PL mount rear adaptor, so that the lens can be used for non-anamorphic shooting. This is simple to change in the field, the two different rear adaptors simply unscrew (universal mount) & have a registration pin to ensure correct alignment.

NB: do not assume however that the Lomo rear capsule can automatically be fitted to any other zoom lens, for immediate use! Anamorphic adaptors need to to be very precisely adjusted & collimated for each lens, by a qualified lens technician using the correct professional equipment. However, it could be an option for the buyer to use the Cooke zoom lens with standard PL back for 35mm shooting, and re-purpose the Lomo anamorphic capsule for a different lens (if preferred).

The lens has not been re-engraved for 50-500m, as the conversion from spherical to anamorphic is non-permanent. Handwritten scales for focus, zoom & iris are attached (as marked up by a lens technician). It will be up to the buyer whether to re-engrave the barrel, or attach a more permanent form of labelling.

It's worth noting that many leading cinematographers have recently been seeking out more classic & vintage lenses, to use in combination with the latest generation of ultra hi-definition digital cinema cameras. This is because the slightly older optics can give a softer & more organic look to the images, offer more exotic flares, and are often considered more flattering for actors.

Technical specifications below for the Cooke 50-500mm zoom lens:

Focal Length:
Speed: T5.6 - 22
Weight: 10.5lbs
Close Focus: 5'6"
Length: 1'1"
Front diameter: 121mm
Image circle: Generally fine for S35-equivalent sensors, however please bear in mind that the 25-250mm although listed elsewhere as having 30-35mm diagonal, was originally designed to cover 35mm 4-perf film negative (where 28mm diagonal was sufficient)

Note: Being a used item, the lens will be sold without guarantee.

NB: Price does not include shipping or insurance.


  • Decade 1980s
  • Mount Type ARRI PL
  • F-number 5.6
  • Focal length - wide 50.0 mm
  • Focal length - tele 500.0 mm
  • Manufacture Location UK
  • Manufacturer Cooke

VAT registered for UK & EU sales.

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