COLCINE 2X range extender SUPER16mm in ARRI PL mount - NEAR MINT

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COLCINE 2X range extender SUPER16mm in ARRI PL mount - NEAR MINT
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RARE ITEM! Not to be confused with earlier range extenders for standard 16mm (e.g. ZEISS MUTAR) which will not cover the full negative or sensor for super 16mm negative or 16:9 digital equivalent sensor.

Very high quality optic, originally purchased from Optex UK. Used regularly with Zeiss 11-110mm super16mm zoom lens, but would also suit Canon and Angenieux types (as well as super16mm primes). No range extenders are currently manufactured for S16mm as far as I'm aware, making this type of doubler very hard to find. As a guide to value, a new 2x extender for S35mm of equivalent optical quality would most likely cost between $2000-$4000 + tax (e.g. from Century or IBE).

This particular extender is in exceptionally good condition, almost as new. Owned by a professional cinematographer for over a decade & used on personal projects only. Therefore has had relatively light use in recent years, compared to rental company stock. Recently bench-tested (collimator, lens projector & camera body) & checks out fine.

Originally designed to cover super16mm negative, this optic should also cover MFT (micro 4/3) sensor digital cinema cameras using PL-mount lenses, e.g. Blackmagic, Panasonic Lumix etc... or using the 2K sensor crop on Sony F55 / RED cameras (usual mode for ultra hi-speed shooting).

Included with the lens in this sale: foam-lined aluminium flight case (ideal for shipping, as well as professional use).

NB: Plesae do not confuse "range extender" with "expander". This optical attachment will not magically enable your super16mm lenses to cover a S35mm sensor! The focal length of any PL lens fitted (16mm or 35mm format) will be doubled, but the size of the image circle projected out the back will not magically double in coverage, the optics will still vignette to some degree.

Note: Being a used item, the lens will be sold without guarantee.
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