Carl Zeiss Distagon Superspeed Mark II PL Mount 5 Cine Prime Lens Kit

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Carl Zeiss Distagon Superspeed Mark II PL Mount 5 Cine Prime Lens Kit


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These lenses are used and have some cosmetic wear, but are still in excellent condition. These lenses have been properly tested and the images coming out of them are still flawless.

Zeiss Super Speeds are some of the highest regarded PL cinema lenses available. At their maximum aperture of T1.3 they produce a lower contrast, creamy look. Stopped down they are sharp but have smooth flattering skin tones. They also have excellent close focus and years of proven reliability. From The Shining, to The Walking Dead, to Raging Bull, and Straight Outta Compton, time and time again, the Super Speeds prove themselves to be at the front of well crafted cinematography.

These PL mount lenses are for a 35mm format and have an integrated focus gear and feature 170 degree focus scale rotation. Both feet and meter marks can be found alongside the focus ring. All of these lenses feature a front diameter of 80mm and an integrated focus gear. These lenses also have a 7 blade iris and close down to 16.

These lenses are the 2nd generation of the Zeiss Super Speeds. This generation of super speeds were introduced in 1984 and feature a true f1.2 aperture with the redesign from the generation 1 and have a completely new mechanical housing from the prior generation 1 super speeds.

Zeiss Super Speeds have lower contrast than current modern lenses giving them a nice soft feel when combined with digital cameras. These are extremely sharp lenses that have an interesting, beautiful, and unique flare and bokeh.

These lenses will cover a Super 35 Helium 8K sensor (only the 18mm vignettes slightly at 8K FF). A fast, lightweight and small design makes them a great choice for any sort of gimbal or low light work.

NOTE: We have a set of uncoated front elements, that are available for purchase separately from the set. Inquire for details.


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