Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Digital Camera

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Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Digital Camera


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The Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Digital Camera is the followup release to the larger, higher megapixel EOS R. These cameras are among Canon's most important releases since the EOS system began about 30 years ago. Responding to the popularity of high-resolution, full frame mirrorless cameras from competitors, Canon has created a new lens mount on a sleek mirrorless body that will keep up with ever-enhancing digital performance and increasing optical speed – all without sacrificing portability.
The EOS RP, along with the EOS R, offer new optical technologies that takes full advantage of the benefits of a mirrorless design:

An Innovative RF Mount

The Canon EOS RP is set up for functionality and versatility. It is designed specifically to integrate smoothly with existing EF and EF-S lenses with the use of optional adapters. It retains the same fully electronic, 54mm mount diameter that Canon shooters know well. The difference lies in the location of the 3-tab bayonet connection point, making the use of adapters for EF/EF-S lenses required. The flange distance (the distance between a lens' mount and the surface of the sensor) has been reduced from 44mm in the EF/EF-S system to a mere 20mm for this new RF lens system. Having larger optical elements very close to the sensor means fewer aberrations, greater brightness, and better image performance overall.

Sporting a robust 12-pin connection point in the mount, the Canon EOS RP can communicate a large amount of data swiftly when paired with Canon's RF lenses. This provides incredibly fast AF performance, along with better stabilization. Each lens (rentable separately) in the RF line features a control ring that lets you assign features and settings without having to use the dials on the EOS RP body. The lenses are equipped with new microprocessors that ensure fast communications but with low power consumption. This also allows the EOS RP's Digital Lens Optimizing system to make real-time aberration and distortion corrections over a wide range of shooting conditions. This helps ensure sharpness even at the widest apertures.

Wide Sensor Sensitivity and Advanced AF System

Work in super dark conditions thanks to a native ISO range that goes up to 40,000 (102,400 in expanded mode). Ultra-sensitive focusing operates even with exposure values of -5. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF system uses 4,779 selectable points, ensuring accuracy and precision in your shot. When recording video, a Movie Servo AF mode produces smooth and natural results. The Touch AF feature on the large 3" swivel LCD makes rack focusing a breeze.

UHD 4K Video

The large 26.2MP full frame CMOS sensor balances speed, high resolution, and low light performance. Additionally, it shoots UHD 4K up to 23.98 FPS at 120MB/s with in-camera 4:2:0 sampling and 8-bit color depth (4:2:2 8-bit out possible with optional external recorder via HDMI). The SD card slot supports UHS-II to keep up with the read/write demands of 4K footage. Built-in 3.5 mic and headphone jacks support these video features and the integrated Dual Sensing IS system works in tandem with image stabilized RF lenses. All of this perfects the EOS RP for multimedia use.

Big Build Benefits in a Small Form Factor

The bright .39" OLED EVF sports a 22mm eyepoint for easy composing, image previewing, and reading extensive shooting information. The vari-angle touchscreen LCD makes shooting from any position possible. Focus can be selected with either the 3" touchscreen LCD or with the D-pad on the back of the camera and the shutter button is now angled in a way that allows for easier, more comfortable contact. The EOS RP is a camera that gives the shooter full control and Canon adds to this with a new semi-automatic mode: Flexible-priority (Fv). In Fv mode, the camera will choose your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO automatically to fit the scene without taking away the shooter's ability to adjust each of those settings. This combines the benefits of both Aperture-priority and Shutter-priority modes in one convenient, powerful mode that beginners and advanced users will enjoy. A deep grip gives a robust feeling to the body despite its small size (5.2 x 3.3 x 2.8" and just over 1 lb). The electronically-controlled focal-plane shutter is built for reliability and speed and will shoot as fast as 1/4000th of a second up to 5 frames per second. A silent shutter option has been maintained from prior models. Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth enables camera control, GPS, and image sharing when paired with the Canon Camera Connect app.


  • Make Canon
  • Model EOS RP
  • Application Video
  • Camera Type Digital
  • Camera Style Mirrorless
  • Lens Mount Canon EOS
  • Sensor / Film Size 24x36 Full Frame
  • Max Resolution 4K

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