Blackmagic Cinema Camera for Micro 4/3 Mount

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Blackmagic Cinema Camera for Micro 4/3 Mount


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The Blackmagic Cinema Camera for Micro 4/3 Mount is a relatively small digital film camera known for its strong design and wide dynamic range. The integrated, large touchscreen LCD lets you change settings, display audio levels, and read exposure metering directly on the camera. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera shoots each frame with wide dynamic range so you get brighter highlights without clipping and rich detail in the shadows. It is engineered from machine metal and is designed specifically to be rigged with heavy cinema lenses and other add-ons. There is an internal active cooling system for the sensor as well. Enter in your own metadata directly and easily with the LCD screen or set shot numbers to increment automatically for easier post production. This camera uses SSDs, which can be mounted on your Mac or Windows machine using adapter cables. The files are compatible with all major post applications so that you don't have to convert everything before editing or color correcting. You also have access to a full range of industry standard connection ports. This camera is ideal for variable-light shooting, shooting indoors or in inclement weather, and for everyday video projects like documentaries and events.
Please note that this is the Micro Four Thirds mount version of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. There is also a Blackmagic Cinema Camera for EF Mount. Also note that this camera incorporates a passive Micro Four Thirds mount, which is designed for manual Micro 4/3 lenses. Electronic iris control and AF will not work with this camera. Completely manual lenses, such at the Voiglander series or the Zeiss CP.2 series pair well with this camera.


  • Make Blackmagic Design
  • Model Cinema Camera for Micro 4/3
  • Application Cinema
  • Camera Type Digital
  • Camera Style Cinema
  • Lens Mount Micro 4/3
  • Sensor / Film Size Micro4/3 (MFT)
  • Max Resolution 4K

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