Asahi Optics cinevised Takumar set of 6 lenses

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Asahi Optics cinevised Takumar set of 6 lenses


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A set of 6 vintage Takumar lenses from the 1970's.
These have been EF mounted, fluid iris ('de-clicked'), and focus gears added.
They come in a fitted flight case.
They are in very good working condition (they were all serviced when I had the iris 'clicks' removed)
Only the 15mm is cosmetically a little rough (barrel marks from a retro-nikkor mount fit in the 80s)... but it yields beautiful optical results and is probably my favourite in the set.
The SMC TAKUMAR 15mm is the rare Aspheric version (less than 400 made) so its a perfect match in look and feel with the Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR set of the other 5.
They have also been colour matched (with a UV process)... typically the radioactive Thorium in vintage super speeds degrades and de-colours.. these have been corrected and are all matched.

These legendary 1970’s lenses deliver a distinctive Vintage optical quality.
Warmth, glowing orbital flares and a centre weighted performance (a gentle vignette of softness at their edges) that has drawn comparisons with Cooke’s Speed Panchros and B&L Super Baltars in the motion world.

They will all cover Vistavision/Full Frame. I have also used the set on a Red Monstro with its larger-than-vistavision sensor width and only the 15mm needed a slight re-crop from 8K to 7.5K


  • Decade 1970s
  • Mount Type Canon EF
  • Filter Size 28.0 mm
  • Format FF35
  • Manufacture Location Japan
  • Manufacturer Asahi
  • Filter Mount Type Front Mount Threads

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