65/70mm film ultrarare zoom: CKBK 70OPF5-1 40-240mm f/4.5-5.6 #740001 LOMO

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65/70mm film ultrarare zoom: CKBK 70OPF5-1 40-240mm f/4.5-5.6 #740001 LOMO


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70OPF5-1 f/4.5-5.0 #740001 large format 65/70mm film zoom (52x23mm gate).

Unique pre-series prototype made in 1974 by CKBK (Central Design Bureau of Cinematography, St. Petersburg, USSR). A lens that appears for sale once in a lifetime.
Located in Moscow, Russia.

This is a kind of charity sale, guys. My goal is to give the income to the noble cameraman, a 3D & 70mm soviet film pioneer, and a very nice, active person. I take only service/test and client find fee. So you will pay him directly without any intermediates.

The lens was recently serviced (service pics on request), so glass is clear and all rings despite the weight have light and smooth move. Front bellows-type leather cover was fully restored and dust-sealed.
The zoom is in fully working condition, internals are robust in design (all air-grade aluminum, focus/zoom system is based on stainless steel cam follower bearing and Teflon balls (Fluoropolymer/PFTE).

Lens gives nice warm pictures with no optical misalignment or visible flaws. I would say that from the optical bench tests (diffraction dot results) it shows very good performance for a 40-240mm large format zoom of the era. It is pretty sharp at center and has a smooth falloff towards the edge. The lens seems to be parfocal.

— there is some minor quirks like little scratches and paint chips here and there on the barrel. Check the lens gallery: http://goo.gl/CGM4pc
— there are some micro scratches on the coatings of some internal lenses;
— there is one 5mm in diameter circle of little dots on the coating behind the second glass; you can notice it here, exaggerated by hard light here: http://goo.gl/CgKJXd
No glass damage or anything that degrades center performance, I tested that. These dots are the result of zoom group touching the focusing group in extreme zoom-out (more than 40mm) at infinity with the lens positioned frontside down. Now the lens was modified with spacers inside and ring move limiter outside so that scenario is now impossible;
— the mount is from Soviet hand-held 70mm cam, so you must adapt it to the contemporary ones like Arri XPL/Panavision PV65/some medium-format still mount. The original mount is easily detachable, there is plenty of metal surface and space to place any mount you want;
— minimum focus distance is 4 meters (13,12 feet). You can reach 2.5 m (8.2 feet) with front dioptric close focus lens (barrel has engravings for that distance). I don't have that lens;
— the lens weights 12.5kg (27.56 lbs).

Google gallery with overall condition, optical bench tests, chart 14K tests, all wide open: http://goo.gl/CGM4pc

Some pics:

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