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50mm High-Speed T1.4 Anamorphic Lomo Lens (CKBK)

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50mm High-Speed T1.4 Anamorphic Lomo Lens (CKBK)

This anamorphic lens opens to a T1.4 !

2x anamorphic squeeze

Arri PL Mount

Standard 0.8 Focus Gears

The Lomo (CKBK) High-Speed Anamorphic Lenses are extremely rare — and have been referred to as the best cinema lenses ever produced in Russia.

Since I purchased the lens in 2008, I only used it on a short film that I made in 2013, on handful of shots.

This lens has essentially been in a climate-controlled time-capsule for well over a decade. — Only taken out to occasionally shoot camera tests at my home.

This lens has never been rented out.

As a consequence, this lens has very little visible wear on it. Certainly less than you would expect from a lens produced in 1985. However, it’s obviously not a brand new lens, so there are still the expected light cleaning marks on the front and rear elements, and the occasional small mark on the body — but nothing that seems to affect its image or operation.

As can be expected of these types of lenses, when the lens is wide-open at a T1.4, the image is softer and dreamy. When you start to close down to a T2 and beyond, the lens quickly sharpens-up and produces an exceptionally clean image.

And, of course, you’ll always get the cool-looking anamorphic flares and bokeh that these lenses are known for.


  • Decade 1980s
  • Mount Type ARRI PL
  • F-number 1.4
  • Focal length 50.0 mm
  • Manufacture Location Russia
  • Manufacturer LOMO
  • Filter Mount Type Front Mount Threads

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