Lensfinder FAQ

What is Lensfinder.com?

Lensfinder.com is an online marketplace for photographers and cinematographers to buy, sell and learn about used, vintage and boutique lenses. We want buying and selling quality glass to be easy and affordable. Great glass helps inspire great images and we look forward to serving this incredible community of creators by offering a place to get the tools for your next great project.

Are there fees to sell a lens on Lensfinder?

There are no listing fees when you list an item for sale. However, Lensfinder.com charges a 3.99% transaction fee when / if your item sells. This is a lower fee than eBay. If your lens does not sell, or you remove your listing, there are no fees.

Is there a maximum transaction fee?

Yes, we cap our transaction fee at $500. You will never pay more than this no matter how expensive the sale.

What are your payment methods?

Lensfinder enables buyers to pay sellers with PayPal. However, we will soon be able to process wire transfers and allow credit card payments.

Do I then pay the PayPal fees in addition to Lensfinder fees?

Yes, PayPal has it's own transaction fee which is not included in Lensfinder.com transaction fee.

Does Lensfinder sell it's own lenses?

No, we are a lens marketplace that connects buyers and sellers.

How do I know the seller is legit?

LensFinder uses advanced fraud filtering for both buyers and sellers. We have buyer and seller protection options as well as mediation if there are any issues with either side of the transaction. LensFinder also offers a seller feedback system so buyers and sellers can rate each other on transactions. We encourage buyers and sellers to review feedback, especially when purchasing expensive items.

Lensfinder.com also allows buyers and sellers to communicate via direct messages. As with all marketplaces, we suggest asking questions if unsure!

What if I have a problem with my listing?

Please email [email protected]